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regenerate-unicode-properties is a collection of Regenerate sets for various Unicode properties.


To use regenerate-unicode-properties programmatically, install it as a dependency via npm:

$ npm install regenerate-unicode-properties


To get a map of supported properties and their values:

const properties = require('regenerate-unicode-properties');

To get a specific Regenerate set:

// Examples:
const Lu = require('regenerate-unicode-properties/General_Category/Uppercase_Letter.js').characters;
const Greek = require('regenerate-unicode-properties/Script_Extensions/Greek.js').characters;

Some properties can also refer to strings rather than single characters:

const { characters, strings } = require('regenerate-unicode-properties/Property_of_Strings/Basic_Emoji.js');

To get the Unicode version the data was based on:

const unicodeVersion = require('regenerate-unicode-properties/unicode-version.js');

For maintainers

How to publish a new release

  1. On the main branch, bump the version number in package.json:

     npm version patch -m 'Release v%s'

    Instead of patch, use minor or major as needed.

    Note that this produces a Git commit + tag.

  2. Push the release commit and tag:

     git push && git push --tags

    Our CI then automatically publishes the new release to npm.


Mathias Bynens


regenerate-unicode-properties is available under the MIT license.