openurl – Node.js module for opening URLs

openurl – Node.js module for opening URLs

openurl is a Node.js module for opening a URL via the operating system. This will usually trigger actions such as:

  • http URLs: open the default browser
  • mailto URLs: open the default email client
  • file URLs: open a window showing the directory (on OS X)

Example interaction on the Node.js REPL:

> require("openurl").open("")
> require("openurl").open("")

You can generate emails as follows:

require("openurl").mailto(["", ""],
    { subject: "Hello!", body: "This is\nan automatically sent email!\n" });

Install via npm:

npm install openurl

I’m not yet terribly familiar with implementing npm packages, so any feedback is welcome (especially experience reports on Windows and Linux, which I can’t test on).

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