ESLint Scope

ESLint Scope

ESLint Scope is the ECMAScript scope analyzer used in ESLint. It is a fork of escope.



npm i eslint-scope --save


var eslintScope = require('eslint-scope');
var espree = require('espree');
var estraverse = require('estraverse');

var ast = espree.parse(code);
var scopeManager = eslintScope.analyze(ast);

var currentScope = scopeManager.acquire(ast);   // global scope

estraverse.traverse(ast, {
    enter: function(node, parent) {
        // do stuff

        if (/Function/.test(node.type)) {
            currentScope = scopeManager.acquire(node);  // get current function scope
    leave: function(node, parent) {
        if (/Function/.test(node.type)) {
            currentScope = currentScope.upper;  // set to parent scope

        // do stuff


Issues and pull requests will be triaged and responded to as quickly as possible. We operate under the ESLint Contributor Guidelines, so please be sure to read them before contributing. If you’re not sure where to dig in, check out the issues.

Build Commands

  • npm test - run all linting and tests
  • npm run lint - run all linting


ESLint Scope is licensed under a permissive BSD 2-clause license.