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tFunk + String Substitution



$ npm install eazy-logger --save


var logger  = require("eazy-logger").Logger({
    prefix: "{blue:[}{magenta:easy-logger}{blue:] }",
    useLevelPrefixes: true
 * Standard loggers + prefixes
logger.debug("Debugging Msg");
logger.info("Info statement");
logger.warn("A little warning with string %s", "substitution");
logger.error("an error occurred in file: {red:%s}", "/users/awesomedev/file.js");
 * Use string substitution + colours
logger.log("error", "Use {green:built-in} %s", "String substitution");
 * Set an option for the next log statement only
logger.setOnce("useLevelPrefixes", true).warn("Use {green:built-in} %s", "String substitution");