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This is a fork of bnjmnt4n/regjsgen with some additional patches. The end goal is to merge these patches upstream.

Generate regular expressions from regjsparser’s AST.


npm i regjsgen



This function accepts an abstract syntax tree representing a regular expression (see regjsparser), and returns the generated regular expression string.

const regjsparser = require('regjsparser');
const regjsgen = require('regjsgen');

// Generate an AST with `regjsparser`.
let ast = regjsparser.parse(regex);

// Modify AST
// …

// Generate `RegExp` string with `regjsgen`.
let regex = regjsgen.generate(ast);


Tested in Node.js 10, 12, 14, and 16.
Compatible with regjsparser v0.7.0’s AST.