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About the Author Dan Brody

The author of this book is an experienced Global CTO with a passion for helping businesses develop and execute their growth strategies. With a background in computer science and years of experience in strategic growth and scale-up, product development, and voice of the customer initiatives, the author has developed a deep understanding of API management, Swagger tools, and Azure API Management.

Throughout their career, the author has worked on numerous projects involving API design, development, and management in the gambling and healthtech sectors, gaining valuable insights and practical knowledge that they shared in this book. As a results-driven operational CTO, the author has built high-performance teams, improved customer satisfaction, and optimized processes to drive ROI.

The author is passionate about navigating regulatory and compliance requirements and developing scalable and secure solutions that meet industry standards. As an innovative and forward-thinking leader, the author constantly explores new technologies and methodologies to stay at the forefront of the industry.

By empowering developers, architects, and managers with the knowledge and tools they need to design, build, and maintain high-quality APIs that drive innovation and business success, the author aims to challenge the status quo and drive meaningful change. Through their writing and speaking engagements, the author demystifies complex technical topics and makes them accessible to a broader audience.

To learn more about the author and their work, visit their website at Dan's CV Site. Here, you can find a wealth of resources, including blog posts, tutorials, and additional content related to API management, Swagger tools, Azure API Management, and other relevant topics. You can also connect with the author on social media and join their mailing list to stay informed about upcoming events, new publications, and the latest developments in the world of APIs.

The author is interested in connecting with professionals who share their vision and drive for success. If you are looking for a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), or other executive leadership, don't hesitate to reach out and discuss how you can work together to achieve exceptional results.