Launch180 Early Adopter's Guide

Incubator Case Study

Posted by Daniel Brody on September 01, 2020 · 2 mins read

Launch180 Early adopters guide Incubator Case Study

Launch180 Early adopters guide Incubator Case Study from Daniel Brody

We want to work with early stage companies - right from the idea stage. We are not the right partner for all start-ups, but we think we’re a great partner for a select sub-segment of the start-up market.

Our ability to add value cuts across a number of industry vertical categories. We look for start-ups and ideas that represent a unique solution to a highly defined business problem with significant value implications across a number of vertical categories (Retail, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain, Travel/Hospitality, Entertainment).

We assess opportunities on the basis of the motivation of the Founder/Team and their proposed business problem/solution set and the match to the skills, experience, and network of our advisors. More precisely we look for motivated and committed individuals, that are prepared to be aggressively exploratory and outward focused, with skills in any relevant vocation.

Founders generally have 3 sources of capital,

  • they can invest or raise capital (in order of founder sweat equity and capital, friends/family, angels)
  • they can generate revenue, and/or
  • they can spend less money

Our focus is on the latter two. To help start-ups achieve first revenue within 180 days, but perhaps even more importantly to spend substantially less money in their initial start-up phase.

Geoffrey Moore once famously stated “First there is a market…Then there is no market…Then there is.” The fundamental point being that there’s an important progression in terms of spend and working with early adopter clients to validate value propositions and related metrics/impact, as well as market segments, product/service definitions, and buying process - which all precede other material expenditures and any effort to extend sales and marketing efforts beyond early adopters.

By addressing first revenue and expenditure issues in a very focused fashion we hope to fundamentally change the fund raising paradigm for our start-ups

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  • Sept 01, 2020
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