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Daniel Brody Resume

A dynamic business management professional with over 20 years of vast experience and a proven track record.


I am a well-seasoned and highly accomplished professional with a sizeable tenure. I have spent my experience accumulating knowledge and achieving set goals through delivering my best at every step of the way to provide optimal results. I firmly believe in establishing and maintaining the key partnerships and relationships that prove productive and allow for better performance.

I am an established professional with an analytical mindset. I have well over 25 years of experience, along with an extremely successful and proven track record at handling multiple roles and massive projects without any delays. I am highly collaborative, and I can perform exceptionally well in teams as well as by myself. I thrive in fast-paced business environments and cherish a chance to self-manage things through my innate problem-solving skills. I possess verifiable leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills that allow me to put across my side of things with a crisp point to not only peers and colleagues but also the management. I am a remarkably successful mentor to my peers and colleagues, owing to my exceptional people's skills and have always given them the nudge in the right direction to go the extra mile.

I am positively confident in my capability to deliver impeccable results through my dedication and ability to handle multiple roles, functions, and activities deftly under high-pressure environments.


Interim Chief Information and Technology Officer

ELS GAMING LLC - BOSTON USA (2020 - Present)

Acting as interim CTO for an online real money gaming platform in a highly compliant and regulated environment with strict security access and reporting requirements. Integrated multiple solutions and service providers on AWS.

  • Project management and architecture reviews and problem-solving.
  • Vendor management.
  • Work with multinational teams of 40 engineers both on and offshore.
  • Agile/Scrum project management.
  • Technology: Docker / Swarm / Kubernetes / Python / HTML5 / JavaScript / Redis Cache / OGA / Game Wrapper / RDS, SQL, Aurora, Postgre / Elastic search and Kibana / PowerBi / MSSQL SRS / Klipfolio for data analytics / Cisco Network
  • Jira / Freshdesk / Fresh Release / Monday / Confluence / Slack / GSuite / RingCentral.
  • OGC standards and compliance

Chief Technology and Product Officer


I am directly responsible for creating a lasting and ever-evolving eco-system of caregiver tools. E-commerce and project management meets family care. They are integrated into multiple service providers to provide home care, transportation, and other timed and tempo services to keep the patient at home longer. I make use of secure document management, medication reminder, geo-fencing, and AI to help balance workload, built on a scalable Azure Kubernetes platform with multiple layers of security that surpassed HiPPA and HiTECH requirements. I look after product development and architected solution. I scaled the team from 5 to 25 engineers both on and offshore. I am well versed in Agile/Scrum project management, using Azure DevOps, MEAN Stack on Kubernetes/docker/Parse Framework/ ExpressJs/Redis Cache/iOS and Native Android apps/Elastic search and Kibana for data analytics. I have also worked on the Azure Cloud. PCI, PIPEDA, HIPAA, and HITECH standards and compliance.

Interim Chief Technology Officer


Founded in 2009 as RUMA, now, Mapan has over 3 million members, 250.000 agents, and 115 branch offices across Java and Bali. The company exited while was there to Go-Jek.com. During this phase, I provided them with change management, and I served as the lead on ERP and WMS selection. I handled a team size of 10 DevOps 70 Development engineers and supporting staff. I skillfully implemented Extreme Programming (XP) as a way to improve the code and skills of Junior team members. I was pivotal to the SAP integration to Go-Jek head office financial system. I deftly designed the middleware operational system (WMS, TMS, CSM, RMA, Final Mile) design, build using elements of Blockchain. I was instrumental to the bare metal to Google Cloud Platform migration and internal DevOps optimization.

Interim Chief Technology Officer  


I served in a family office role for design technology for SaaS Fintech private banking brokerage solution. I skillfully provided solution inception, design, project and budget creation, technology, and team selection. I served as an architect and built the caregiver-patient management system web portal and mobile apps. I actively assisted the CEO with fundraising and strategy, direct product features, and road mapping. I regularly helped develop, manage, and validate Tech Roadmap, architect solution, inception, plan, set the tone, best practices, strategy for technical operations - be that coding, architecture, scaling. I am well versed in Microsoft Azure PaaS, MS Stack, .NET, MSSQL, Big Data Makes the final tech decisions, on the best advice of the best engineers.

Chief Digital Technology Officer  


I actively assisted in the move from analog to digital streaming for OTP channels and established solutions to increase digital revenue, consumer conversion, and change management to digital business. I deftly managed social networks, schedule messages, and measure ROI right from an analytics dashboard. I also managed and measured e-mail results, integrate with brand index and fan engagement. API to all major social platforms. I served as the senior project manager for digital over the top broadcast and engagement business. I skillfully designed and built Video CMS for control of digital properties, integration of analytic and MCC systems into the websites and apps. I created cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Xbox for the various channels. Also, I repurposed the marketing automation solution "MCC" for sports and entertainment to drive fan engagement across the channels. I expertly designed and built a new version in HTML5 and Java Spring front-end, simplifying first use on Oracle11 DB. I re-architected server configuration on AWS and Private Hosting Data Servers. I created PMI standards and PM server for managing new development and reporting. I also reorganized onshore and offshore teams for more accountability and higher efficiency. I was an integral part of the M&A team that acquired value add games and services. A new start-up focused on fan engagement, including sports and gambling related gaming sites. I also created a custom data analytics dashboard that gathers data from the disparate source.

Chief Technology and Managing Director of North America  


I skillfully directed technology decisions as contract CIO/CTO for clients and supported change management relating to solution upgrades for an onshore/offshore development company providing consulting and development services to "Start-Up, Re-Starts, and established solution companies. I exited by the sale of the company to partners. I was the recipient of the Publishing Innovation Award 2011 for Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition. I functioned as Senior Project Manager, ensuring a high level of accountability and on-time delivery, and as a business consultant and executive project manager to clients. I was directly involved in technology road mapping for the start-ups, restarts, and turn-around. I looked after the business development and marketing initiatives with a mandate of the rapid growth of sales and services. My projects included Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Complex API integrations, Mobile, and E-commerce. I scaled the onshore/offshore team to over 200 developers and project leads. I proficiently strategized the 180-day MVP approach, taking the product quickly to the market. I architected Amazon AWS, MS Azure, and helped the clients in partnering with Microsoft BizSpark Plus sponsorship. I was the advisor and co-founder of the Launch180.com start-up accelerator.

Chief Product Officer and Managing Director


I skillfully launched channel reseller programs and strategic alliances in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. I successfully grew sales from 0 to $10M in the first two years for a global ERP of vertical applications explicitly designed to meet the needs of manufacturers/suppliers of steel and metals. I served as the Executive Project Manager for client initiatives, managed teams of 40-60 consultants, and supported the client with change management and process engineering optimization. I deftly designed and Developed a metal vertical ERP solution and looked after the architecting and built MES and WMS for optimization of metal manufacturing and distribution. I was an early adopter of the Oracle SaaS platform. I deftly designed API for integration and constructed BI dashboards and tools for analytics of enterprise data and managed large-scale projects of up for public companies, SOX compliance, and teams of 65+ Board members of the Steel Industry System Association published numerous articles.


Bachelor's Degree, Business and Computer Sciences | University of Toronto

Patents and Certifications

Digital Publishing and Dynamic Integration
US1097422 A1

System and Method of Graphical Metadata Assignation And Filtering By Deriving Hierarchical Icon-Based Signifiers From A Multi-Channel Database Assemblage
US20190065029 A1

  • MS Xbox certified developer
  • Unity development course
  • Certified HCP First Aid for Canadian Ski Patroller
  • OTD – Oracle Technology Developer
  • VCP - VMware Certified Professional
  • ASC – ACCPAC Certified Consultant
  • OCP – Oracle Certified Professional
  • PMP - Project Manager Professional Certified
  • CNA – Certified Novell Administrator
  • MCPS - Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Radio Frequency Cert Symbol Products
  • PMI - Project Management Institute Courses
  • UCA - Unix Certified Administrator