On-demand technical leadership for growing organizations

Flexible and Collaborative Approach

Strategy and Execution

We collaborate with you to research, design and execute your differentiated and sustainable technology strategy.

Broad Scope of Practice

We bring people, technology, product, finance, process knowledge along with the experienced top talent to successfully address points of friction and to ensure that your organization retains knowledge.

On-demand Service

Our consulting/fractional CTOs - CMOs scale based on your needs, without you having to invest in a full-time leadership hire. We engage with you on your terms - interim, part-time, or per-project!

Without a doubt, Erik is one of the smartest, most driven, and most visionary people that I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

- Gary Chaikin
CEO - Cozumo

I have worked with Dan for 3 years, he has always been very professional and has great knowledge of the industry. He has always delivered on time and on budget and I would recommend him for any project.

- Anthony Cicione
President 27/8 Media Inc. VP Anthem Media

I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel in his capacity as the Consulting CIO-CTO of Sygnus Ventures. Daniel brings to the table the special combination of business acumen and technical expertise which lends itself to a successful project that meets timelines and budgets. Daniel is able to not only understanding the overall 30,000 view of any project but can develop the processes needed to make the vision a reality through his extensive knowledge and technical experience. It was an amazing opportunity to work with a consummate professional and I look forward to collaborating again in the near future.

- Amy Wong
CEO - NetDirectives

Having worked with Daniel over the past six years I know he is an extremely dedicated and focused businessman who keeps his eyes on how he can develop his company into a market leader. We have worked on a number of deals and initiatives together and I have found he is hard working and creative in how he views his business. He is a true professional and I have enjoyed working with him.

- Aseem Telli

Dan and his team have a tool set that allows them to take on projects that would stop many other oragizations in their tracks. No matter how big the challenge, they make it work. The technical team is expert in their field.

- John L. D'Avella, CCP
IT Mgr - Steel Warehouse

Daniel is one of the most energetic and multi-talented individuals I have ever met. He is literally jumping with ideas and strategies. A very persuasive communicator and highly knowledgeable in both end-user and technical environments.

- Peter Coy
CRM-ERP Consultan - Steelman

Accomplished C-level Team

Our senior fractional CTOs have a track record of delivering results and transforming businesses.


Built and led high-performing technical teams of 5-170 within 5-500 person organizations with minimal employee churn. Create hybrid onshore/offshore teams for scalability and cost savings.

IP and Finance

Named inventors on patents, scaled revenue to MM+, involved in a IPO, advised $B companies. Millions of dollars in tax credits, grants, and capital raised.


Delivered highly available, scalable, and secure products (B2B, B2C, enterprise, SaaS, mobile) used by Fortune 1500 companies.